We don't just send emails,

we build relationships with

your subscribers.

Our Process


Ideally we want to plan ahead, so the more emails are scheduled ahead of time the better.  


Kicking off with defining your target audience, drafting topics of interest to your audience and creating sign up forms to acquire new subscribers.


One last review is done to validate that all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed. We add automation or add A/B testing to the campaign if needed. 


A clean list increases open rates so by at least 50%. We also do email validation to avoid hard bounces on your campaigns, hence maintaining your integrity.  


We allow up to two revisions and can change copy or images on the email to meet and exceed the client's expectations.

A marketing plan without Email Marketing is like a
chess game without the Queen
The marketing tool with the lowest implementation costs but highest returns is without a doubt email.
Unlike PPC ads, which often go unnoticed, Email Marketing gets right in front of people, in their own time and helps you stay top of mind. 
Email marketing continues to be a reliable and effective communication tool to develop customer relationships, strengthen brand awareness, product knowledge and welcome new prospects to your company. Being consistent is key to delivering results from your campaign. 

Advantages of Email Marketing

Segmenting your contact list allows you to create individually crafted messages that connect with your audience. 
You have a better chance of educating your audience on the value you provide hence growing your brand awareness.
The links on your email campaigns are the perfect way to direct traffic to your website and blog.
Automation means that you can plan ahead, as far as creating an entire customer journey. Especially if the triggers are based on actions and or past behaviours.  
Metrics such as open and click-through rate give you insights on what our audience likes and dislikes, thus allowing you to adapt accordingly in future campaigns. 
Most people check their emails multiple times per day, whereas some people seldom go on social media everyday. 


Here is where the magic happens! Campaigns are developed, emails are written, images are sourced and links added to buttons on the emails. 


We acquire client approval before proceeding to ensure alignment, this ensures appropriate representation of the brand


Our job is not done after the email is sent, we also look at the metrics to determine the success of every campaign.

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Results Driven Marketing
We are committed to delivering results every time. 

Our creative team is passionate about creating unforgettable engagement so you become a top priority to your audience. 

We improve with every campaign because analytics is at the centre of everything we do. 

Whatever your business goals Beach Chair Marketing can help you get there!