Managing online marketing campaigns can be a hassle

It takes a team of specialized experts to properly plan, build and manage an effective marketing campaign.

When finding a marketing agency to grow your brand it is pivotal they are aligned with your goals and marketing objectives.

With a team of creative professionals your business can grow through proven strategies that deliver results.

At Beach Chair Marketing we use a strategic marketing framework that is scalable and delivers sustainable growth.

Our campaigns are designed to the finest detail to help you achieve your marketing and business goals. 

  • Our eCommerce websites are fully transact-able and easy to update your products.
  • We help businesses establish a strong brand essence, regardless of the industry.
  • Mobile first is our priority with every site because that is the most used device.
  • A website is the staple to any brand and must make an impression.
  • We offer cost effective packages and provide free hosting services.
  • Our websites offer interactive and responsive design.
  • Warm welcomes, interest piquing promotions and rousing re-engagement messages.
  • Our list segmentation is based on attributes & generates dynamic audience segments.
  • Email messages personalized and highly targeted to each individual on your list. 
  • We offer immediate and insightful feedback to consistently improve campaigns.
  • We create interactive emails that earn you the clicks and loyalty you're after.
  • Automation to build consistency and drive definitive results. 
  • Using our content management tool allows you to be involved, content retains your voice.
  • We create over top notch high quality content to drive engagement and conversions.
  • Our creatives will work with your ideas or find topics of interest in your niche.
  • Our design process is simple, easy to understand and effortless to make edits.
  • Work with us to harness the ability to turn an idea into content in 3 days.
  • We conduct extensive keyword research to find the exact words your audience uses.
  • Creative blog writing and link building to increase your page authority.
  • Monthly website analysis and traffic reporting to scrutinize growth.
  • Innovative, process driven and dedicated account management.
  • Each SEO strategy is crafted for your business specifically.
  • Optimization of internal and broken links.

Our Clients