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Our Process


Our work does not stop after posting, because engagement is a major part of social media. We build community and make sure your page shines. 


Defining your target audience, developing ideas for engaging content for your audience and setting goals for the campaign.


Ideally we want to plan ahead and strive to have a full month of content scheduled ahead of time. A content calendar is provided through our tool.


Here is where the magic happens! We tell your story with intuitive design in your brands essence and tone


One last review is done on our side to ensure all i's are dotted and t's crossed. We then add the content to the content calendar.

Social Media Marketing is a crucial part of any marketing strategy, because it makes your brand more recognizable to the public. 
Every social media channel is different, learning each one takes large amounts of time and requires very good technical acumen.
Having a social media presence has become extremely essential for every brand, no matter what industry you are in. 
Nearly all demographics are on social media, which makes is the perfect place to showcase your brand. It is great to generate additional traffic to your website, facilitate customer interactions and when done right can also be a great way to receive feedback on your brand and what it offers.  

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

When used strategically social media can be a great way to generate new leads for your business. 
Like all other forms of marketing it is important to have strong goals so that you can assess your progress.
Unlike print and radio, social media generates stats on clicks, likes and comments allowing you to determine which content is performing best.
Engagement is one of the best things about it, because your audience can comment and you can respond. 
Marketing on social media is cost effective because you can sign up for free, if you wish to boost your views you also have the option of running adverts. 
Tell your story one piece of content at a time, also great to educate your audience on the value you provide. 


Before we proceed we acquire the clients approval to ensure alignment and appropriate representation of their brand.


We allow up to two revisions and can change copy, images or video , to meet and exceed the clients expectations.


We look at the metrics to determine the success of the campaign. We focus on results that impact your business.

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Results Driven Marketing
We are committed to delivering results every time. 

Our creative team is passionate about creating unforgettable engagement so you become a top priority to your audience. 

We improve with every campaign because analytics is at the centre of everything we do. 

Whatever your business goals Beach Chair Marketing can help you get there!