Focus on what you do best and allow us to handle the rest!

We create content that engages your audience, it is precise and visual to ensure you have a unified brand message with direct impact on their buying habits. Using the internet will let you do business with friends, clients and repeat customers on a whole new level. You will become socially active and recapture your audiences attention.

Out of the box thinking

First impressions count in today's competitive business arena. Impressive website design optimized for lightning-quick response and delivering a great user experience that tells your customers that your company is competent and professional.

Beach Chair Marketing is a full service digital agency that can build a killer website or online marketing campaign for your business. Our team of professional developers will help you establish your online presence, align with your business objectives, grow your audience, and execute digital marketing programs that yield results. 

Reap the benefits of a tailored marketing plan that works

Beach Chair is an advertising agency that creates targeted online marketing campaigns for businesses of all sizes and industries. We operate out of Toronto, Ontario, where we help enterprises thrive in today's digital business landscape. 

    Services We Offer 

We’re a full service creative digital marketing agency and we create and deliver superior customer experiences without breaking the bank.

Email Marketing

We're professionals in the email marketing business and have expertise to deliver cost-effective and powerful campaigns. You'll get double your opens, clicks, sales and enquiries

Website design 

When you look at our portfolio, you'll see great designs for all different kind of businesses. This means that we can come up with a great design for you no matter what your brand is all about.

Creative Consultancy

Whether you are starting out or just have an update you want to bring to your brand.

Social Media Marketing

Save an hour of your day finding hashtags and types. Leave the monotony to the experts. Take your time to plan your future. We build posts, videos, photos and GIFs that generate the most traffic to your website.


Your website is the first impression you leave with customers. Optimize it so it's easy for customers to find you online with great features in search engines. Keep your business in front of your customer's eyes and make them love you.

Why Choose Us

We harness a multitude of skills under one umbrella. 

We are committed to excellence and passionate about partnering with success driven brands and organizations to provide exceptional custom solutions.


What we stand for

Technology Aficionados

We are deep believers in innovation and creativity, as talented technologists we are passionate about using the latest industry trends to help our clients take their brands to the next level. Your success is our success, we are committed to promoting your brand and ensuring your message reaches all those who gain value from the introduction. 



Digital Marketing allows you to track, measure and adjust instantaneously. This makes it a lot easier to gain insight into what works, and what doesn't thus allowing you to drive your efforts towards what is yielding the most results and conversions. Changing your approach instantly and always measuring the impact of change is the biggest benefit of marketing digital. 

Relationship Facilitators

Closing sales requires lots of hard work in today's complex world. By working with experienced copywriters to craft your content, you can improve your conversion rate and build a loyal following of customers. Good copy doesn't just cut through the clutter and get you more sales, it builds and fosters relationships. It establishes a brand that people remember and trust. 

PPC Advertising

 Stop wasting away money on keyword combinations that have a 0.03% impression rate (we've seen it happen). We want to help you improve your campaigns by working day and night to increase your ROI.