We combine slick keyword research with knowledgeable page optimization to help you get to page 1 of search engines. 

Our Process


The more authoritative the links, the higher your domain rating will surge. We prefer quality over the quantity of links. Ensuring the integrity of links is paramount.  


Defining goals and how to track them. If you offer multiple services determine which ones to be included/excluded in the campaign.


Once all audit findings are complete, we begin working on writing blogs that are compelling and relevant to the keywords we have chosen.


An audit will determine what needs to be updated/improved on your website. This must be done before the actual SEO work begins 


Properly setting up your Google My Business allows you to acquire customer reviews and be found on Google Maps, as well as other navigation apps.

Search Engines like Google are everybody's resource to finding any and all types of information. 
Marketing on search engines is not a one and off exercise, it requires constant analysis, audits and lots of updates/improvements to your website.
Improving your website's ranking brings about tons of visibility and new business because of the increased traffic to your website. 
A lot goes into improving your rank, first you have to target the right search terms. Next, you have to optimize your page, so search rankings are convinced you are an authority in your niche. Lastly, you have to work on your offpage presence, which means other websites link to yours for credibility.  

Advantages of Search Engine Optimization

All campaigns begin with an audit on your website to ensure that everything on the backend meets search engine expectations. 
Picking the right keywords is where the magic lies, because you want to use the same words potential customers use in their searches.
Optimizing internal and site links is a way to increase your website's integrity and authority on the internet.
Apps like Google Maps are great to increase your visibility in your community, this is also known as local SEO. 
Improving authority through acquiring links to your site from other sites is a major part of SEO, Blogging is a very effective way to build these links. 
When done right, your website can rank for various terms and phrases. This can be achieved with a much smaller budget than PPC ads. 


More complex than it sounds, choosing keywords is a balance of looking at quantitative data and a brainstorming session


The website audit will uncover tons of things to be fixed/optimized on your page. This process may take several months depending on what needs to be fixed. 


We look at the metrics to determine the success of the campaign. We focus on results that impact your business.

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Results Driven Marketing
We are committed to delivering results every time. 

Our creative team is passionate about creating unforgettable engagement so you become a top priority to your audience. 

We improve with every campaign because analytics is at the centre of everything we do. 

Whatever your business goals Beach Chair Marketing can help you get there!